The Lazarus Effect

A team of medical researchers have gone rogue and are playing God with the formula they have created that successfully brought a deceased dog back to life. The first experiment on the dog went without a flaw, so the team recreated the experiment to test it again. But when one of the researchers gets killed during the experiment they try the drug on a human for the first time. The women is brought back to life but not without some serious consequences. If you did not watch the trailer for this movie before seeing it, like me, you are going to be surprised at how things turn out. I was under the impression that this film was just about brining the dog back to life and the science behind it. However once the women is brought back from the dead it seems that an evil force has taken over her body. With the ability to control objects with her mind no on is safe from her wrath.

M217  (Left to right.) Evan Peters,  Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover and Sarah Bolger star in Relativity Media's "The Lazarus Effect". © 2013 BACK TO LIFE PRODUCTIONS, LLC  Photo Credit:  Daniel McFadden


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