The “Unsinkable” Ship


Titanic cost $200 million to make, the most expensive movie of its time. For this fact alone the film had a huge following before it appeared in theaters. James Cameron directed this sensational tale of romance, heartbreak and tragedy. The story focuses on two passengers of the ship, who came from different social classes. Leonardo DiCaprio as low class traveler Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater, a young women pressured to marry a man she is not in love with. These two meet just as Rose is about to jump overboard because she would rather die than spend the rest of her life with someone for whom she has no feelings for. Just as their romance is heating up the ship collides with an iceberg and some difficult decisions must be made by passengers and crew members. This movie is highly respected in the film industry because it set standards no other movies, at that time, could achieve. When people speak of epic Hollywood movies the title Titanic is sure to come up. This film paved the way for the great movies to come.






3 thoughts on “The “Unsinkable” Ship

  1. Titanic is absolutely one of the most amazing movies of all time. I was seven when I went and watched it in theaters, and I still remember every moment of the experience. I’ve cried every time that I’ve watched it since then.


  2. Titanic still remains to be one of my favorite movies of all time. James Cameron is absolutely amazing, and the film was so beautifully shot. It deserves all the recognition it has gotten over the past 19 years. The movie will always be a classic.


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