When a retired special forces operative is diagnosed with cancer he turns to his last option, an evil scientist. However Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds is unpleased with the experiment when he sees how he looks. The experiment left him looking more dead than alive. With the ability to heal instantly and a new superhero name, Deadpool, Wilson sets out to destroy the man who nearly killed him. This film is filled with action and witty comments. As I sat there and watched the first ten minuets of this movie I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the rest of it, but as it went on and I learned the back story of the characters it really grew on me. It had a good mixture of funny and serious times. Discloser: This is not a family friendly movie.


One thought on “Deadpool

  1. I loved this movie! I was a little skeptical about Ryan playing the part at first but he really did a good job! The movie did go a little off canon from the comics but it was a great way to introduce one of my all time favorite Anti-hero’s!


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