Real to Reel: Johnson City’s $3 Movie Theater

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Real to Reel Theater is a little known place in Johnson City, Tennessee. This theater takes movies that have been out for a month or so and shows them for just $3. Seeing a movie for anything less than $20 (including snacks) is pretty much unheard of nowadays but you are also paying for the “experience” of the theater. While seeing a movie the first day it comes out is exciting and the snacks are always fresh sometimes you do not have, or want, to spend so much on a movie. While Real to Reel offers $3 movies you will have to compromise on the cleanliness of the facilities and the freshness of the snacks. Popcorn is always fresh because it is made right in front of you but the snacks in the case are a little suspicious, you can not be sure how long they have been in there. The seats are nice and comfortable and the screens are what you would expect to see in the more pricey theaters. All in all I would recommend this theater if you want something cheap, but if you want the whole “movie theater experience” then this is not the place to go.

Real to Reel Theater


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