Bring Him Home

Bring him home was the theme of the 2015 film The Martian staring Matt Damon as stranded botanist Mark Watney, who is assumed dead after the NASA team was hit hard with a vicious storm. The rest of the astronauts were able to get off planet Mars but Watney was unable to make it to the ship. With little supplies the witty astronaut must survive until members of NASA and other scientists can hatch a plan to rescue him. Many people were skeptical about this movie because it was released just a couple months after the hit space movie Interstellar but the two films are completely different. Interstellar is all about space and time travel, while The Martian is about science and a rescues mission. The Martian is a wonderful movie with its sense of humor and science talk. After watching this film you will think you too are a real scientist.

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