They were looking to belong

Rotten Tomatoes says it best when describing the film The Outsiders. It tells the story of the continuous conflict between the Greasers and the Socs, the poor kids and the rich kids in a small Oklahoma city. One night Ponyboy and his friend, played by Ralph Macchio, find themselves in big trouble when a fight turns deadly. In the end of the movie they realize that their petty feud with each other is insignificant. Matt Dillion stars as the leader of the Greasers and Patrick Swayze as Ponyboy’s oldest brother. This movie is great because it shows two groups of people that come from different backgrounds who were always fighting resolving their issues and realizing that the feud between them is not good for either side. It is a typical type of movie in the sense that it has been done many times. However The Outsiders throws it’s own twist on it with it being set in the 80s.

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