The Revenant: Leo’s Best Movie Ever?

The Revenant was released in December 2015 and everyone was talking about it. Mostly because this is supposed to be the movie to win Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar. The movie takes place in the American wilderness as a fur trader, Hugh Glass, is attacked by a bear, betrayed by his closest friend and then left for dead. After being left for dead Glass finds the will to go on and find redemption for his family. This movie was a big one for DiCaprio, the actor has plenty of awards but there is one that he has yet to obtain. Winning an Oscar is a big deal in the entertainment industry. The awards ceremony was first televised in 1953, and is now seen live in more than 200 countries. Filming for this movie was emotionally and physically demanding on DiCaprio. Leo is the kind of actor to go full force in preparing for his roles to ensure he can give his best performance. Some people may say he went overboard in preparing for this movie but others say it is exactly what he needed to do in order to make this his best movie yet and win an Oscar.

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