Creed or Rocky?

blog picture2Creed was released November 25th 2015 and made over $300 million in the box office. The movie is about the son of famous boxer Apollo Creed and his journey to become a boxer against his mothers request. With boxing in his blood Adonis refuses to use his fathers last name because he wants to make it on his own without the reputation of his father following him. He seeks the help of Rocky Balboa to train him, Rocky sees much of Apollo in his son so he agrees to mentor him. No boxing movie will ever measure up to the original Rocky films but this one is a very close second. If I had never seen any of the Rocky movies I would defiantly say this one takes the cake. Creed was a very good movie with a great story, it followed the underdog theme of the Rocky movies but with a twist. It is great how they got Sylvester Stallone to be in this movie because it really connects it to the original movies and got the attention of the older generation that grew up watching Rocky Balboa in the ring. I hope to see more Creed movies in the future.



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